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Our Story & Team

SDA Divorce Solutions is a partner through the divorce process. We provide personalized financial expertise needed to guide not only through the financial implications of divorce, but also the resources to successfully cross the bridge to a confident post-divorce life.


Separation and divorce can be draining, but with the right strategy can be an opportunity you never knew existed! We strongly believe in the power of a team approach. Our team is here to be by your side and make the process smoother.  We use our vetted network (divorce coaches, therapists, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.) to help our clients build the right team for them and their unique situation.  


Remember every divorce is unique! Financial analysis and planning early in the process is critical whether you are contemplating this life change or negotiating a settlement. We will help you reach an agreement faster; lower legal costs and leave more money remaining for both parties and their children.  The emotional benefit is priceless.  Understanding the financial implications of divorce will ease the uncertainties that arise and empower you!


Why work with us? We get it. Our team members have personal experience with this challenging life event.  We have a passion for helping you deal with divorce, find stability and a path forward. It is our goal to make the lifecycle of the pre, current and post-divorce process as painless as possible.

Meet Our Team

Scott Coopersmith, CDFA, CLU
  • LinkedIn

Scott has more than two decades in business experience, primarily in Financial Services.

Gena Altizer

Certified Divorce Specialist

  • LinkedIn

Gena bring expertise in financial systems and efficient business processes to help SDA's client enjoy the professional experience with a personal family boutique feel they deserve.

Anat Kuperman, CPA*

Certified Divorce Specialist

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Anat has over 20 years of experience in public accounting. She began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in audit and assurance.

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