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iParent101: Apple’s Screentime controls across households

By popular request, here is Part 3 of iParent 101's Apple Family Sharing/Screentime Quick Bite video series. Whether your family has two or more caregivers in one household or there is a separation/divorce or any number of family arrangements with extended caregivers, having 2 (or more) 'authorized' parent/guardians is critical to monitor and modify settings on the child’s device. Caregiver’s work schedules, family custody schedules, a grandparent in charge during homework time… the scenarios are endless, yet the ability for multiple caregivers to have ‘parental controls’ is key to the health and safety of modern families. This is especially important if you are following iParent 101’s DAB approach where the caregivers offer new levels of digital access as the child grows and their screen requirements evolve.

This video series has been supported through a great collaboration with SDA Divorce Solutions and their expertise guiding families through tough transitions. Read more about this partnership here.

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