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Strategic Partners


Additional information and resources specific to co-parenting and single households.


iParent 101 offers clear, concrete strategies designed to support you, the digital parent, navigate modern family life. Parents will learn how to protect/mentor children by combining basic parental controls with proven behavior modification techniques to empower evolving digital families.


Dr. Susan Korb Bernstein is a nationally known and experienced Certified Divorce Coach who helps individuals pre, during and post divorce with the emotional and strategic parts of divorce to prepare for the legal and financial aspects!


Susan helps divorcees find ways to achieve their goals and overcome any obstacles while saving them time, money and headaches! Susan’s two specialties are High Conflict Divorce and Divorces that have special needs children.


Devon Harris is a founding member of the original “Cool Runnings” Jamaican bobsled team. The three-time Olympian is currently a motivational speaker and a mindset resilience coach. Using the tools he learned in the Olympics and as an army captain, Devon has been able to help his clients navigate through some of the most challenging, identity shattering periods of their lives. 


After working with Devon, clients have emerged with a new vision, renewed hope and more importantly, the confidence that they can rise above any obstacle now or in the future. 

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