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Divorce Financial Solutions

Remember every divorce is unique!  We're here to be your financial advocate.  We start with a complimentary initial phone or video consultation to understand your unique situation and where you are in the process.   We’ll discuss our packages and help choose the right fit for you based on the complexity of your finances and needs.  

In preparation, we ask that you gather as much of your divorce-related documents and as much financial information as you can.  We’ll be with you until your agreement is signed and possibly through the post-divorce transition.  In addition to the packages described here we offer our total concierge service.


* Once the divorce is complete and the divorce planning engagement is completed, clients may retain the services of SDA Wealth Strategies for post-divorce financial planning & investment advice.   

Divorce Solutions Lite

  • Define objective

  • Assistance with document gathering and organization with access to a shared cloud drive

  • Full review of all financial documents 

  • Produce a net worth statement/financial affidavit  

  • Individual topic analysis

  • Insurance analysis

  • Answer general questions

This option includes up to 10 hours of time plus 2 sessions with a divorce coach.  

Coaching/Strategy Planning sessions

Sessions with either your CDFA® and/or a Certified Divorce Coach® (45 to 60 minutes each).

Available in packages of 2, 5 or 12 hours.  

Perfect to answer questions, get organized and be prepared with our cloud organization system, develop strategies with actions steps, define your divorce objective, review net worth statement, review household expenses, and more!  


Comprehensive Divorce Financial Analysis

Divorce Solutions Lite plus

  • Analysis and reports of full financial profile

  • Prepare/review financial affidavits/net worth statements

  • Income and expense analysis

  • Advice on tax implications of asset distribution

  • Short-term and long-term impact of asset division

  • Review of settlement offers 


This package includes up to 15 hours of time plus 2 sessions with a Certified Divorce Coach®.   

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