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Concierge Service

(Minimum 3 months)
Includes all benefits from our comprehensive analysis package plus:

Strategy sessions with CDFA® and/or Certified Divorce Coach (up to 2 per/mo with Coach)

Assistance finding additional needed resources and communicating with forensic accountants, tax attorneys, bankruptcy specialists, hidden money and private investigators.

Weekly up to one hour check-in call

Credit report analysis/review

Ideas to reduce spending and/or increase income

Assistance with life insurance, long term care insurance, disability and employment insurance and any other insurance issues

Consultation with vetted tax CPA

Up to 3 hours/mo with one of our vetted divorce solutions coaches, real estate attorney, estate planning attorney, mortgage specialist, parenting coach, or career coach as needed.

Post-Divorce Transition Support 

Separate Property Tracing if needed

Coordination with business valuation experts if needed

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