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Your bridge from one stage of life to the next.

How We Can Help You

SDA Divorce Solutions is a partner through the divorce process. We provide personalized financial expertise needed to guide not only through the financial implications of divorce, but also the resources to successfully cross the bridge to a confident post-divorce life.

Get Organized

The more prepared you are the less it will cost and hopefully get to a resolution quicker.

Concierge Service

Ideal for complex divorce situations such as high earners, business owners, undisclosed assets, and/or couples with high net worth.

Divorce Financial Solutions

We offer various packages based on the complexity of each situation.

Hudson Valley River New York

In The News

SDA partners with Innovative licensed clinical psychologist and tech program founder to navigate today’s challenges

Managing kids’ behavior on The Internet is difficult enough.  Social Media. Tech. Memes. It’s a rabbit hole.  Throw in a divorce, and there’s a lot of information out that you don’t really want your kids nosediving into.  This time is hard on everyone involved as it is.  That’s why it’s crucial to have the Internet work for not against us. Dr. Adam Pletter is the Founder of, a website filled with eBooks, Videos, Online Courses, and other resources to help

Dr Susan Bernstein, CDC & Scott Coopersmith, CDFA join forces to best help their clients!

Luck or fortuitous circumstances helped Scott Coopersmith, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Susan Bernstein, Certified Divorce Coach, create a unique alliance in the divorce arena. Coopersmith and Bernstein were introduced pre COVID through a mutual contact at The National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP). After some casual small talk and getting to know each other it was discovered they both had common goals plus a similar approach. Ilyssa Panitz: What is a Certified Divorce Coach (CDC)?    Susan Bernstein: A certified

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